24 May 2018

Getting ready

Well well well… what to choose? There are so many possibilities, so many outfits to pick from.

Let’s see, I could opt for my yellow sun dress with the peep-toe heels. Or perhaps the blue strapless one and the t-straps. Maybe I should just let go of the dresses and go for a skirt instead. Skirts are a lot of fun too. I could wear a mini, or maybe a circle one. And I could coordinate it with a blouse, or a button-up shirt. I can have so much fun just playing with the buttons, deciding to leave just enough of them unbuttoned so that my cleavage is well exposed, and maybe my bra is in sight. It is so satisfying after all to finally fill properly all the bras I have bought. I’m so proud of my new rack, I want everyone to stare at it and remain transfixed by my beauty.

So many shoes, so many clothes. I spent so much money, so much time hoarding them in my closet, just to play dress-up every once in a while and never go out in them to let everyone see how good I looked. Just thinking about it makes me so sad. But those days are over. I can stop hiding now, and just bask in my femininity and be happy for how beautiful I am. I can really be myself now that I finally got myself one of those bodysuits. It’s amazing how real it feels, how soft my skin now is, how these breasts feel like they are and have always been a part of me. I love my new body, my long hair, my cute face, my plump forms. I can’t wait to attire it in all of my beautiful outfits and come out to the world as a girl. Not cross-dressing, but dressing. God it feels so good to be a woman!

It’s a bummer that my favorite red dress just won’t fit me properly now that I have this plump ass. I bought it so that it would have reached just past my tights as a guy, but with my new forms it runs just too far up my hips. As much as I want to show my new body off, this may be just a little too much. I want to entice, to seduce, and to show just enough of my new form so that all eyes will be on me while not looking like some cheap whore. Oh well, I have a lot more clothes to choose from. So many possibilities. I just can’t wait!

I want to get to a bar and just wait for someone to start hitting on me. I want to play the flirt with all the cute guys that will try to pick me up. And I want to properly try my new body out. They say that the suit makes you completely anatomically correct, and I can’t deny that what I now have between my legs really does look and feel like an actual pussy. But I want to find out how faithful it really is. They say that having sex in a bodysuit can end up making it impossible to remove, but I’ll be careful, I’ll use protection. And even if I end up getting stuck like this forever, would that really be that bad of a thing?


“Oh god oh god oh god! Dammit! How the fuck did I end up in this situation?!

This is ridiculous! I’m forced to hide in my own wardrobe! I can’t even move for fear of making the faintest noise! Hell, I’m even afraid to breathe! What if he hears me? What’s going to happen if he catches us? He can become a frigging maniac when he gets jealous, and I sure as hell do not want him to find out about my infidelity, let alone have to confront him as a man.

What should I do now? I don’t hear them talking anymore. Maybe he managed to lead him out of the room. Maybe now it is safe for me to come out. No wait! I think I can hear something. Are those… moans? I swear I can hear him grunt. What the hell is happening?! That’s it, I can’t just keep staying literally in the dark! I have to at least take a peek, as dangerous as it may be.

Oh my god… Oh my god! He’s blowing him! What the hell! He’s sucking his cock while in my body! Is that how he planned to fool him?! Fucking dumbass! He should have just lead him out of the room and distract him with some excuse, not fucking give him a blowjob! Fucking idiot!

What is he doing? He’s signaling me to stay hidden. You fucking moron! I should storm out of this closet and get my body back immediately, you fucking pervert! How did he even come up with this plan?! Sure, he came home early right when we were getting down to it, and we had to think fast, but this is just too fucked up! That’s my body he’s inhabiting, and that is my boyfriend he is sucking off! This is just too much! I swear to god, as soon as this story will be over I’m breaking up with both of them for good! I don’t ever want to see neither of them again! My boyfriend and my lover having some sexy time together… what a nice fucking picture!

Stupid remote! I should have just gone looking for a different lover when I got tired of this one, instead of trying to spice things up in the bedroom with some body swap technology. This should have been a nice chance to experience what it is like to be a man, and instead I’m forced to stay hidden watching that fag blowing off that asshole! And he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit too! Look at how deep he is getting it in his throat. My bf is sure going to have a good time. I have not given him head ever since we started dating since I find the mere idea repulsive.

What’s this feeling now? What the hell is happening? Am I… am I getting hard?! Holy shit… This is it, I will have to go to some psychiatrist after this experience! I’m getting hard watching my own body sucking off my bf! I sure hope he is going to finish off soon, because I don’t know for how much longer I will be able to endure all of this!"

23 May 2018

The TG Rain

I happened to stumble into a bunch of pics of women with umbrallas, so I did a thing :P Hope you'll like it :)

22 May 2018

You gotta work for it

Dedicated to my new audience from World of TG ^-^
When I finally was added to the World of TG blog-list I could barely contain my glee. To think that after so many years spent browsing those blogs in secret I was finally part of the community filled me with joy and excitement. I was so eager to start writing stories for my new audience. However soon I would have had much more to be excited about.

I was happy to find a mail from Viola in my folder, even though I was worried she would have been mad at me for having pestered her with my requests to join the community for so long. It was a relief to see that it was just a message to congratulate me. However something was off. The word she used were weird and mysterious, and there was a weird link attached. “Just click it and enjoy your new life ;)”. That’s all the mail said. Normally I would have been wary of something like that. It could have been a virus, or god knows what else. However I was so curious to find out what it was that I could not resist. I clicked on it, and my computer started to radiate a strange and eerie light. I was transfixed by that light, almost hypnotized, and completely unable to even move a muscle. I have no idea for how much I just remained immobile in front of the screen in a state of trance before the computer apparently crashed and shut down. I immediately snapped out of that state of confusion, even though I still felt dazed and kind of weird.

As soon as I noticed that that link had apparently fucked up my computer I immediately got mad at myself for having been that dumb and naïve. <<Just great!>> I said irritated, but the words died in my throat as soon as I realized that my voice had changed. It was high pitched, and melodic, and… womanly. I looked down at myself, and noticed something protruding from under my shirt, and realized that my clothes felt much baggier, and that my pants were about to fall down my legs, only held up by my hips which had become larger. Something brushed against the back of my neck, and I realized that my hair had grown way past my shoulders. I started to tremble, and felt my legs get weak, and I was about to freak out. As I brought my now dainty hands to my chest and gave a firm squeeze to the two mounds of flesh that had appeared there, sending shivers down my spine, and then to my crotch, where all I could find was an unsettling and alien emptiness, I felt like I could have fainted, and the only thing that kept me from screaming was the irresistible need to rush to a mirror and check out my reflection.

I simply could not believe my eyes. In front of me, staring back at me from the wall mirror, was standing a pretty, delicate girl, with a surprised and overturned expression on her cute face. I touched my face, sensing my new smooth skin, and my delicate facial features, and then ran a hand through my long and luscious hair. There was no doubt about it, all of that felt disturbingly real. I could not hold back, I had to go further! I took off my shirt and slipped off of my pants and underwear, remaining naked in front of the mirror. I looked transfixed at my new round breasts, and my perky butt, and my long smooth legs, and my flat and toned belly, for what felt like hours, just staring blankly at that incredible vision in the reflection. Then the exploration started. I started to grope my breasts, and brush my nipples, and squeeze my butt, and as I did so I started to quiver, and to gasp. As incredible as it sounded, that link attached to the mail had turned me into a girl. My life dream had just become a reality. It was just like something out of the stories I’ve been imagining for years. It was scary, and kind of unsettling, and yet it felt so amazing!

I needed to find out how that was even possible, but first I had much more urgent things to attend to. Slowly I sat down, and spread my legs in front of the mirror, exposing my newly acquired pussy, and then with a trembling hand I started to tease it, brushing my dainty finger over my labia and my clit. It burned, and felt quite unpleasant at first, but I also started to feel a warm feeling rising from my groin and from within me, and I could sense myself getting wet. I put my finger in my mouth, licking it and getting it as lubricated as possible, and then brought it again down to my crotch. I felt my pussy open up like a flower as my finger slipped inside, and as it dug deeper and deeper I gasped for hair and let out a soft moan of pleasure. With my free hand I started to fondle my breast and pinch my nipple, which turned me on even more, and started to run my finger over my clit, stimulating it faster and harder. I jolted, and my back arched, as I felt the pleasure starting to build more and more intense, and then I closed my eyes and let my imagination wander. So many times I had fantasized of being a woman, and now I finally was one, and the thoughts of all the things I wanted to experiment started to flood my mind, as I was getting closer and closer to climax. Finally I let out a muffled cry of bliss, as a wave of ecstasy washed over my dainty body making me jerk and jump as I reached my first orgasm as a girl. I don’t know for how much I just remained there on the floor, looking at my beautiful face overturned by the pleasure. It was just the hottest image I had ever seen in my life. And that was me. I was that girl. It was incredible.

I soon learned that everyone who joins World of TG is rewarded with a program that can turn you into your ideal female self. The following days were just a blast, and I could barely stay calm enough to even make a list of all the things I wanted to try. Of course the first thing to take care of was my wardrobe, though luckily enough some of the clothes I used to cross-dress in fitted me. I basically spent half of my paycheck in all kinds of clothes, from dresses, skirts, and blouses, to stocking, bras, and panties. I had the time of my life trying out outfit after outfit, prancing around in my room as I experimented with more and more sexy attires, and it broke my heart to leave all those other cute dresses at the store. And of course I must have taken more showers during that first week than I had ever done. It was so pleasant to caress my sensitive skin, and massage my soft breasts, and tease my new pussy, as the hot water ran over my statuary figure. And soon enough masturbation was not enough for me, and I started to crave for the real deal. I needed to experience sex as a girl! And once I created a Tinder account, I soon took care of that. Life never felt that amazing, and I felt just like I was in a dream. Until this morning.

I woke up to a new day, cheerful and thrilled just like the day before, eager to find out what else my new life as a woman had in store for me. I stretched my arms, and arched my back, and as I started to come back to my senses I felt a weird and yet familiar feeling down in my crotch. It was like something was stretching down there, something that should not have been there. Not anymore at least. I looked down unsettled, and my heart skipped a beat as I saw the bulge protruding from under my gown. I frantically brought my hands down there, and to my dismay I found out that it was all real. I had a dick, again. I felt like I could have screamed in terror, but I managed to stay calm and rush to my mirror. I was relieved to find out that beside that thing between my legs my female appearance did not change. The next thing was to find out what was happening before I transformed further back into a guy, so I rushed to my computer and quickly wrote a mail to Viola. The hours I had to wait before getting a response were like a living hell for me, as I remained shut down in my room in a state of utter fear. I did not want to turn back into a man! Thankfully the answer arrived fairly soon.

Turns out that when you become an author featured on World of TG, you have duties to attend to, and in order to stay a girl you have to keep contributing to the community with new captions every day, or else you slowly start to revert back to your original male form. I was so excited to have finally turned into a girl that I spent the previous days in a state of constant euphoria, so much so that I completely stopped caring about my blog and did not write anything ever since I transformed. I guess it is only fair that I continue to write new stories for my readers to enjoy, though I would have appreciated if I had been informed about the rules. At least now that I have spent some time as a girl I think it is safe to say that I will be able to describe the experience of becoming one with much more vivid details than I could have ever done as a guy. And for what concerns my date of tonight, well, I hope he is into kinky things, because it does not look like I will get rid of this dick before tomorrow.


I’ll admit I took some… “extreme” measures this time around. I mean, there must have been a better solution. I could have used cameras, or maybe hire a detective. Anything really. What was I thinking when I decided to resort to magic?

A possession spell lasting three hours. “Perfect!” I thought. Just enough time to find out everything I needed. I’ll admit I’ve always been the jealous type, and often my fears turned out to be unfounded. <<If you can’t trust me then we can’t keep being a couple!>> she told me. Under such a threat, all the other solutions just seemed too impractical. What would have happened if she found out I was keeping my eyes on her? No, a spell was just what I needed. Three hours as her, just enough to see how she spent her afternoon. It is true that I’ve always been suspicious, but it was undeniable that she had started to act strange since she started that part-time job at the library. I knew there was something fishy going on. <<I just need something to distract me and to spend some time out of this house.>> she was constantly saying. Turns out I was completely right this time in being suspicious. Even though I wish I wasn’t.This is way more than what I hoped to find out. I just wanted to see how people around her acted, maybe look at her messages, or try to find out something by talking to people. Anything. I didn’t expect to catch her in the act of cheating on me.

It was all so sudden. One moment I was casting the spell in my office. The next I found myself on this table, with my legs flipped over while this guy was fucking my wife. Christ, I was getting fucked! It felt so strange. I felt my guts burning, and my pussy felt so soar. I could barely control my breath. I was panting, and moaning, striving to stay as quiet as possible as I was beginning to grasp what was happening. I was powerless. And suddenly that mixture of pain and unease I was experiencing was replaced by something that I welcomed with horror: pleasure. I was enjoying it. It felt incredible, like nothing I had ever experienced. I knew that that was wrong, that I should have just shaken that guy off of me and get the hell out of there as soon as possible. But I just couldn’t. I was going numb and I lost track of my thoughts. I came back to my senses only when he whispered to me <<Shhhh! Try to be quiet. We don’t want to be caught.>>

Apparently I was so much into it that I had started crying for the pleasure. Up until that point I didn’t even looked at him. I just caught glimpses of him while I was trying to realize what was happening, and as soon as the pleasure ensued I just laid there with my eyes closed. But now there I was, face to face with him, my eyes fixated into his. That face, that smile. I was so confused but then it hit me. I realized that I was his. So I just smiled and bit my lips, and then I clutched my smooth sexy legs around him, pulling him towards me, making his sweaty chest make contact with my soft breasts and pushing his dick deep inside of me.

“Fuck it!” I thought, “She has been cheating on me anyway. Since I’m here I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”

And I enjoyed it. Oh how I enjoyed it. It was incredible. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for him to come. It was so strange to feel him shoot his load inside of me, but I found it also incredibly arousing. I didn’t reach climax, but it was ok. What I had just experienced was already amazing as it was. Now I got back to work here in the library, waiting for the effects of the spell to run out. It is kinda awkward, just staying here putting books back on the shelves while I can feel everybody staring at me. I guess my cries of pleasure were heard by more than a couple of people. Plus I can feel the smell of sex all over me, and my pussy feels so soar for all the humping. I have no idea for how much they have been doing it before I casted the spell. God, just thinking about what I’ve just been through is already getting me so wet. It is such an alien sensation, but I can’t get enough of it. I’ve always been the jealous type, but what I’m feeling now towards my wife is more akin to envy. I envy how good sex feels for her, and I envy how she gets to fuck that guy probably on a daily basis. There he is, across the hall. He’s so sexy. I want him. I still have about an hour left before I have to go back to my body. Maybe I can drag him to an empty room and have a second round. He should have recovered by now, and I’m eager to experience how a female orgasm feels before I go back to being myself. Later I will think whether or not to confront my wife about this. Maybe I can just leave these two be, and get myself a couple more of those spells. Or a whole bunch of them perhaps. It’s not really cheating if we’re both enjoying it after all.

I did it

Well girls, I finally did it!

Recently my blog has experienced a surge in page views, and I was wondering what that was due to. Well, when I checked my mail I found the good news!

After months since I have created this blog, I have finally become part of World of TG!!! 🎉🎊🎆

This is just amazing! I remember spending years browsing the TG blogs listed there in secret, ashamed of my fantasies and dreams, and now I have become part of that community. It fills my heart with so much joy :)

I promise that I will do my best to keep my new audience entertained with many new stories ^-^ Thank you all for the support 💋

21 May 2018

New life

Finale requested by Lisamcd21 ^-^
<<So Bambi, do you like the body I’ve chosen for you for this weekend?>>
<<Yes Mr. Manson. I like it a lot.>>
<<Wonderful! It’s been a while since last time you’ve been a blonde. I think this is one of the best I picked so far. I can’t wait to try it out. But in the meantime, why don’t you sunbathe a bit? You look pretty pale. I think a bit of tan would suit that stunning body of yours.>>
<<Yes Mr. Manson.>>
<<I’ll be right back with some champagne. We’re going to have so much fun on this trip Bambi.>>

“God I hate when he calls me like that! And he knows it very well, so he doesn’t waste a chance to hammer it in whenever he can. He enjoys treating me like a dumb bimbo, and there’s nothing I can do besides enduring it. I regret so much the moment I picked that stupid name for myself! And there’s so much more I regret.

In the end he got me cornered. After that fatal night in which he first fucked me into submission in his limo, I had no choice but to become his obedient eye candy and follow him around everywhere. After all not only did he hold the only thing capable of giving me back my life, but he also had my wife. She was arrested that same night for having broken into Mr. Manson penthouse to search for the Medallion, and she would have ended up in prison if I didn’t do as he told me. In the end he paid her bail and didn’t press charges, but just because I agreed to become his trophy wife. I have not seen her ever since. I miss her so much.

From that day on he just kept me around, buying clothes for me left and right from fashion houses and workshops in order to transform me into the models who wore them. I’m progressively losing every sense of identity. How can someone who used to be a woman be so nonchalant about treating me like nothing more than a pretty face? I guess she just really enjoys having someone completely in his power. He even stopped changing back into a woman like he used to do at first every once in a while. I on the other hand have never been allowed to be a man. I can barely recall how it feels.

The worst part is that I have very little to lament. Sure, living like this is humiliating and all, but I can’t deny that I’m living a better life than I could have ever hoped for. All my life now is nothing but luxurious yachts, and fancy cars, and sumptuous apartments, and trips. I’m living the good life. And even though I had to give up my old life for it, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I don’t mind it at all. Even being his personal fuck-toy doesn’t bother me all that much. He always choses great bodies for him, always handsome, and muscular. And sex as a woman is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Plus as long as I can transform through magic I don’t have to worry about ever losing my beauty, getting fat, or getting old. I can just spend the rest of my life in wealth and luxury. But can I really just passively accept it all? I mean, despite everything I’m still myself, right? The more time passes, the more I’m unsure about it.

He’s back with the champagne. He has already transformed. I see that he has chosen a brand new body this time, which means that he’s probably eager to try it out. Well, like always I can’t deny that he has picked a handsome hunk. He has taste for male bodies just as much as he has for female ones. I guess it’s going to be a very busy night. And I can already feel my body quiver with anticipation for it. I can never tell whether it is my body that reacts on its own, or if it is my mind that is playing tricks on me. All I know is that I can’t wait to find out what he’s packing down there.”